About Us

My soul mission in life is to help you find YOUR soul mission in life! DocStrology.com uses a SCREEN SHOT of what the sky looked like at the exact time you were born as a PICTURE OF YOUR SPIRIT. I use astrology combined with my extensive studies in physics, geometry, trigonometry, pattern reading, and metaphysics as a tool to decode your SCREEN SHOT! By decoding the picture in the sky we can unlock the messages in your spirit! This message is unique to YOU and ONLY YOU because the sky will not look exactly the same for another 25,000 years!! If you are familiar with your Zodiac Sun Sign, this is a great foundation to begin with! Your Sun sign represents your personality, ego, and is your core foundation upon which you are built. However, the Sun is just a small fragment of the entire picture! What about the Moon (your emotions)? What about Venus (your love)? What about Mercury (your mind)? What about Saturn (your internal guide)? The list goes on! The Sun is not the only celestial body or planet in the sky! Each of these other planets represents a different area of your life and holds a different piece to the entire puzzle. By putting all of the pieces together you can begin to visualize the complete picture of just exactly who you are on the INSIDE! Your spirit is no longer an INVISIBLE feeling inside of you, now you can SEE YOUR SPIRIT! This screenshot or map of your spirit is also directly a map of your unconscious mind and is therefore the GREATEST TOOL TO SELF DISCOVERY.
Getting to know your spirit/soul is THE SHORTCUT TO TRUE ENLIGHTMENT as you raise your vibrations through MASTERING YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND!